Shouting Out Colours – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

There is an advert on the TV at the moment, an advert for a fashion catalogue, fashion world I think, and it uses giant colour cubes to display their offers. The cube starts yellow and then changes to blue and finally pink.

One day whilst Ethan was on the iPad and I was on the computer this advert came on. Ethan shouted out ‘Yellow’ or ‘ellow’ as Ethan pronounces it. Then he hummed his sound for blue, followed by a noise for pink. I corrected him and said that’s pink which led Ethan to hum a sound for pink. I was not only impressed that Ethan was interacting with the advert, but the fact that the advert had grabbed his attention from the iPad. It did make me wonder if it was a fluke. ย 

I’m pleased to say that every time this advert is on Ethan calls out the colours in the same way and today I even heard him shouting them when I was in the hall. Pink had even turned into ‘ink’.

I’m keeping everything crossed that Ethan using his words continues and I know it’s a great sign that the words he does have he uses in the correct context. A very positive thing in the wonderful world of autism.

5 thoughts on “Shouting Out Colours – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. Oh bless him I love this and you must be so pleased and proud with this step in the right direction! Monkey doesn’t use any words yet and I know I will be so proud of him when he does! xx

  2. Dawn, MummyWifeWoman

    Such a great #SSAA. The words are coming too which is just fab. Bruiser used to interact with the colours on TV. When ever the sky menu came up, he used to run to the screen and systematically go through the colours of the buttons at the bottom of the screen. When he couldnt talk we used to say the colours for him but then the sounds came. Even now when the menu screen is on he will do the colours a few times before going to to what ever it was he was doing.
    Ethan does same as Bruiser and misses the first letter of his colours ๐Ÿ™‚

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