Sitting Up! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

When Ethan was born I avoided reading the baby books that told you all about milestones and when your baby should be doing this or that. I felt that I had enough to worry about with becoming a new mum and knowing that I would have to return to work after my maternity leave and not knowing in what capacity, I wanted to enjoy my time with Ethan and not be stressing about milestones or putting pressure on him or myself.

I wanted to believe that all children develop at their own rate and do things in their own time. It may take some a little longer than others, but in the end they all get there. Little did I know that this mindset was the perfect place to be for Ethan’s developmental journey.

There were so many things I wanted to share with you for my first post linked to Small Steps Amazing Achievements but I thought writing about Ethan learning to sit up would be perfect as it is one of those BIG milestones that everyone asks about.

As with everything Ethan likes to take his time and whilst all the other babies at the baby group were learning to sit up unsupported, Ethan was quite happy laying on his front playing with his toys.

Ethan was getting very close to his first birthday and he still wasn’t sitting up on his own, unsupported. If I said I wasn’t concerned about this I would be lying, but Ethan had passed his one year check, which had taken place a few months before his first birthday. I had also mentioned my concerns to our doctor whilst there for other reasons, and I was given the impression I was being a silly first time mum and worrying over something not that important. How wrong was my previous doctor and the health visitors, if only they knew what we had gone through this past year!
In the hope that it would help him, we purchased Ethan a Bumbo, but he didn’t get on well with it so we didn’t use it for long.
Then two weeks before Ethan’s first birthday, whilst I was back at work and Nanny was looking after him, Ethan started to show Nanny his yoga moves.
This was something he had never done before but he clearly enjoyed himself. 
The suddenly, just two days later, Ethan was sitting up on his own.
I couldn’t believe it, something that felt like we had been waiting months for had finally happened. I even think Ethan was a little shocked to find himself sitting upright, I remember him looking around the room as if to say ‘How did I end up here!’ He wasn’t there for long but thankfully the camera was to hand and I was able to capture his Amazing Achievement.  
By the following weekend Ethan had perfected sitting up, I was so proud of him. 
It took a while, but he got there in the end!

6 thoughts on “Sitting Up! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. This is a really lovely, LOVELY, post! For a multitude of reasons, every baby/child is different, and they do things at their own pace. My 4yo is far more coordinated than the 7yo, still! But the 7yo talked much earlier than the 4yo. They do things when they’re ready to and I think watching them learn something all by themselves is one of the most wonderful things you will ever see!

  2. It’s crazy the pressure we feel for our kids to do things at the ‘normal time’. My boys were so completely different, one was in a hurry to do everything and the other was too laid back to do anything. We’d all be so much happier if we accepted that kids do things when they are ready and other mums stop boasting that their kids do what others can’t!
    Loving his little yoga moves, so cute!

  3. sabrina montagnoli

    Yay! It’s bringing back all the feelings for me when my wee man sat up for the first time. I remember using the one finger to support him 🙂

  4. Well done Ethan. I love the downward dog! I love the bumbo photo too, we didn’t gel with ours, somehow J took to leaning forward, falling on his head and wriggling out!

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