Six Months Old – Moving Into The Cot

Last week there were some big milestones for Little E. The first one was that she moved into her cot in her own room.


I must admit I had been putting off this move. Ethan moved into the cot at eight weeks old, this was because his legs were hanging over the side of the Moses basket. He was moved for his own safety more than anything else. Little E is my last baby, time is flying with her, I wanted to keep her by my side for as long as possible.

I’m quite surprised we were able to keep her in the Moses basket for six months. Her size really dictated this move as it was getting quite sung in there for her. We also wanted her to get into the habit of sleeping in her cot for her daytime naps as she had been sleeping in her bouncer.

I’m pleased to say the move went very well. She has continued to sleep through the night and even self soothes herself when we put her to bed. The sea-horse Father Christmas brought for her does help this.

Self soothing is not something we are used to in this house. It feels very weird to just leave the room when we put her down to sleep at night. The daytime naps are a different story, Little E needs to be rocked to go to sleep. She will also only nap for ten minutes at the time. Sleep with Little E is a very different experience. Keeping everything crossed that sleeping through the night stays for this little lady.

4 thoughts on “Six Months Old – Moving Into The Cot”

  1. We ended up moving LP at about 5.5 months and Little Man at about 4.5 months – we all slept better afterwards! So glad she’s taken to it so well x

  2. Hello there, she is just adorable! That is wonderful that she self-soothes, our little chap lost the ability to do so after he picked up a lot of bugs when starting nursery. It felt like a huge milestone when he left his Moses basket, but he loved being in his cot-even though it made him look so tiny! Keeping everything crossed for you too x #ssamazingachievements

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