The Gingerbread House

The week before Christmas Ralph the Elf brought us a gingerbread house to make. I did buy one in 2013 but my morning sickness did not mix well with the gingerbread house. My mum did try to make it with Ethan but the whole thing was a complete disaster, Ethan just wasn’t interested. I decided not to give up and try again.

When Ethan saw the kit he vocalised Justin’s House. He must have been watching this at nursery as he has been humming the theme recently. This also meant that there was lots of references to Justin’s House whilst building the house.

With iPad removed we sat at the table to make our creation. I iced and put the house together whilst Ethan decorated it with some help.


I was so impressed with how much Ethan enjoyed building the gingerbread house with me. The candy balls were a hit with Ethan and ended up all over the kitchen, much to Darren’s distress! We sat for ages working on it, here is our completed masterpiece.


At this point I tried to take the gingerbread house away so that we could eat some later but Ethan wasn’t happy about this. He was too busy working on his gingerbread house. He kept decorating it with so much enthusiasm that the gingerbread house was in pieces again by the time we felt Ethan needed to say goodbye to this activity.

I was so happy we tried this activity again, it just shows you how much difference a year can make.

10 thoughts on “The Gingerbread House”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      It wasn’t eaten at all really, but the fact that he engaged with it was the most important part x

  1. Toni @ Gym Bunny Mummy

    His face is a picture, you can see how much he’s concentrating & how much he’s enjoying it. Well done Ethan! x

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