Sports Day 2017 – Is It All Getting Too Much?

I can’t believe that I’m writing about Ethan’s fourth sports day. It makes him feel even more grown up, that we should be pros at sports days. To be honest after two days of attending school sports day’s I’m glad they are over. I was never a child that enjoyed sports day at school and my hay-fever and the heat reminded me of that this year!

Yesterday was Ethan’s school sports day. Ethan was aware that it was happening in July as he clearly informed me and it would start with a picnic lunch. This was going to be the first year that Darren missed it due to his shift so nanny said she would go with me. I was so conscious that Ethan would be upset and get distressed if we wasn’t there on time that I actually got us there an hour early. My beetroot complexion today shouts that I spent too long in the sun yesterday. We enjoyed our lunch together in a supposedly shaded area and it wasn’t long before Ethan’s sports day activities started.

The sports day followed the same format as it did last year. There were nine activities for our children to try in a set time and they moved around them in their groups.

Ethan at sports day bean bag activity

This year it all felt more stressful to me. I wanted to take some pictures of Ethan and watch him take part but he was finding it hard to focus. This meant he wouldn’t wait for his turn and would make circuits to follow to calm himself. He also enjoyed some of the activities too much that he wanted to take his turn over and over again. In hindsight I should have perhaps stepped in more to guide him but he did have the class supports there too. I felt like all I could hear was my voice trying to guide Ethan with waiting his turn etc. I did miss not having Darren’s support as last year he did act as Ethan’s support.

As we made our way around the activities you could tell it was getting harder and harder for Ethan to focus. He was quite happy but he was very unsettled. It wasn’t just Ethan that felt this way, there were quite a few children finding sports day challenging.

I love Ethan’s school and I know he is in the best place possible but I do sometimes wonder who we do these events for. I know they are the norm in mainstream education but we are in a setting where so many face challenges. Do we do these events for the parents to experience some kind of ‘normal’ education journey? Perhaps keeping to the ‘normal’ journey is the greater benefit for our children and their future?

Ethan did enjoy his day as we didn’t experience any tears and as always I am very proud that he was able to take part.

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  1. Your thoughts are something I’ve wondered about too, D’s sports Day is an all-day affair, individual events in the morning and races in the afternoon.
    She enjoys it but other children very obviously don’t and I felt team spirit was a bit lacking this year when some less-physically-abled children were trying there best to finish. Made me sad and cross for them.

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