Star Award Fantastic Spelling

Ethan’s continued hunger for letters has been amazing this term. He has proved to us that he knows the alphabet inside out and he has proved that he can write most of those letters without any help. It has also been clear to us that Ethan can navigate his way around you tube and he must be doing this by using the search box. We have seen him search for cats so he must know how to spell that word. Our thoughts on this have been confirmed by Ethan coming home with a Star Award for Fantastic Spelling!


We are so proud that Ethan is taking this next step and the love of letters that he has always had is turning into the life skills that he needs.

We did actually get to see Ethan’s teacher last week and she was so excited to tell us that she had just seen Ethan spell out the word bed. We are both looking forward to Ethan’s parents evening next week so that we can have a more in-depth talk about his progress.

I really believe that our choice of school has played a major part in Ethan’s progress. He has the right people around him, who know how to teach him the way that Ethan will be able to learn. I honestly believe that Ethan would not be at this stage in his learning if he attended a mainstream school.

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