Autistic Traits

Autism, Doors and Anxiety

Ethan has always had a thing for doors. From a very young age he would be fascinated with cupboard doors. If there was a cupboard Ethan would be there opening and closing the door. I suppose it was an obsession but it wasn’t one that was harmful in any way. As Ethan is getting older […]

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Ethan Called Me Mummy!

New Years Eve 2013 Ethan gave us a new word Hello! We couldn’t believe it and we watched and waited and thankfully it stuck around. Ethan’s words are a funny thing. One day he can come out with a new word/vocalization, we heard rainbow the other day, and you will never hear it again. That’s

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The Scooter

On Boxing Day we decided we needed to get some fresh air and went for a walk. We didn’t want to go far and ended up in Halfords looking for a new air mattress. Darren has been talking about getting himself a bike so we ventured upstairs to look around. They had a few scooters

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grohush Baby Calmer

We have been sent a grohush baby calmer to put to the test. The grohush is a unique calming device that delivers soothing white noise that only your baby can hear. At the moment we are testing this with Little E. She can sometimes get distressed when she is going to sleep, when she was

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