The Scooter

On Boxing Day we decided we needed to get some fresh air and went for a walk. We didn’t want to go far and ended up in Halfords looking for a new air mattress.

Darren has been talking about getting himself a bike so we ventured upstairs to look around. They had a few scooters on display, my mum had talked about getting Ethan one for a while. As Ethan hasn’t got very good balance or coordination, which is an autistic trait, we decided against getting one. We have also been told to accept that he may never ride a bike because of it.

The shop was very quiet so I put Ethan on the display scooter. He stood on it not sure what to do. So I took his foot and pushed it down on the floor showing him how to push himself forward. We did this together a few times and then Ethan was off.

I spent half an hour keeping Ethan supported as he made his way around the shop. We couldn’t believe it, and Ethan was loving every minute.

It’s funny because Darren had talked about how he had seen children younger than Ethan riding about on their scooters. He wished that it could be us but didn’t hold out that much hope.

Well our little superstar proved us wrong, there was no way we could leave the shop without a scooter. Darren had to purchase one and put it together so that we could leave the shop without Ethan having a meltdown. I should really say tantrum as he would have kicked off because he wanted a scooter, not because of any sensory overload.

On New Years day we were able to take Ethan for a walk with his new scooter, he loves it!


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  1. My Life As A Mummy

    yey!!! Well done Ethan! He looks like he is having so much fun! If he could come and teach Cameron that would be awesome!!!

    Thank you for linking up with the #WeekendBlogHop

    Laura x x x

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