It’s The Summer Holidays!

It’s official, we are on our summer holidays! It’s something I was dreading, and then I started to get excited about the prospect of having time off to enjoy with Ethan. Then last night the reality hit with a bump! I was expecting the break from routine would push Ethan out of his comfort zone.

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Autism Pre-Verbal Singing

Whenever I’m asked about Ethan’s speech I always describe him as non-verbal. I think this is possibly because even though I know that we, thankfully, have been starting to acquire words, Ethan still couldn’t communicate with people outside of the family unit. Other people tell me that Ethan is pre-verbal as he does make sounds,

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Our Family Day Out!

Last week after much debating we decided that we would have a family day out in London. We would be meeting the Grandparents there so we would have support with both children. For Ethan this would mean a day full of different experiences and the possibility that this would overload him. We would be traveling

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