The Soft Play Party

Ever since the incident at soft play Ethan’s soft play experience hasn’t been the same. We have taken him to different soft play places but thy have been hard work for us as we have tried to build Ethan’s confidence. We have had to take him round and he wouldn’t let us out of his sight. To be honest we have stopped taking him to soft play as out of school hours they can be very busy. Thankfully we have been invited to some private soft play parties over the past year and Ethan has enjoyed them with our help.

On Sunday night we were invited to another soft play party and the party started like normal for us, we all went in to play. I’m really getting too old for this but I give it my best shot.

SoftPlayFun1 SoftPlayFun2 SoftPlayFun3SoftPlayFun5

I don’t know what happened but a few of Ethan’s friends were calling his name and then suddenly he run off to join them. It has taken over a year but our little boy was suddenly confident to leave our side and enter the soft play with his class mates. We couldn’t believe it but we were both so happy, this gave Darren the chance to take Little E around the soft play and I was able to talk to other mum’s.


Ethan loved every moment of that soft play party, you could see the joy on his face and he has asked about the soft play party every day since.

I must admit we didn’t book Ethan a soft play birthday party for his birthday and it was something I wanted to do but his lack of confidence put us off. I’m hoping that we can continue to work on this new-found soft play confidence and next year Ethan might be able to celebrate his own birthday at soft play.

7 thoughts on “The Soft Play Party”

  1. Glad he’s back enjoying soft play again. We struggled for a while at soft play too because H lacks physical confidence and coordination, but once we were over that, it has always been fun for him and fairly relaxing for me. I’m glad too as I was sick of having to climb up and over things.

  2. Fan blooming tastic!!! This was us a few years ago. Now there will be no stopping him hun! What a great moment for you all well done Ethan xx #SSAmazingachievements

  3. aww well done Ethan! that is fab! it takes time sometimes, to build that confidence. my boy is wary of things at first and almost needs to “warm” up #SSAmazingAchievements

  4. That’s lovely! Glad he had a good time! We always have to go round with ours too – because they both always want to be in the big kids’ bits, which invariably have big drops down holes and steps, which they would just walk off! I do not enjoy chasing toddlers around soft play! #SSAmazingAchievements

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Yes we have that problem too, Ethan has got better at working his way round. Little E has some way to go lol x

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