Thinking Slimmer – Week 18 + 19 Update

It’s week 19 of my Thinking Slimmer journey, I didn’t get the chance to weigh myself last week or even blog about it. I have no idea what happened to the week. I also haven’t got back on track with listening to my slim pods and I can tell the difference it is making with how I think about myself. We did eat a few takeaways because of convenience but my normal everyday eating has pretty much stayed on track.

The three goals I have set for myself are

1) Feel fitter and be able to run around with my children with ease

2) Drink less tea and more water

3) Drop a dress size

Weight-loss vs Measurements

I wasn’t expecting to lose any weight, in-fact I was sure I would have put some on over the past two weeks but I’m glad to report I lost weight. It total I have lost 17 pounds (1 stone 3 lbs) since February and the start of my Thinking Slimmer journey.

Week 19

Week 19 BMI – 27.97

Week 19 weight – 2 lbs

Chest Measurement – No loss

Waist Measurement – 1.25 cm loss

Bicep Measurement – 0.5 cm loss

Hip Measurement – No loss

Thigh Measurement – No loss

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