Travel With Small Children Without The Stress

Travel With Small Children Without The Stress

Family getaways are the perfect way to spend quality time together and make amazing memories to treasure forever. Despite this, any parent knows that travelling with children can be a little stressful. Whether you’re struggling to get all their supplies in the suitcase, panicking about long flights with a toddler, or aren’t sure they’ll be safe abroad, travelling with children requires some extra thought.

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Getting There

Flying with kids is tough. Cut the stress by pre-booking your transport to the airport. Instead of stressing about traffic, you can relax, and leave the worry of parking to someone else, while you amuse the kids. 

Give yourself more than enough time, so if you do meet any delays you won’t have as much to worry about. Spending longer in the airport is boring, but it’s a lot less stressful than leaving the house late after a surprise toddler meltdown or getting to the airport late after hitting traffic. Leave earlier than you think you need to. 

Before you fly, explain to your kids what the airport will be like and what you’ll do there, so they know what to expect. Airports, with all the noise, people and security checks could be overwhelming for children who are first-time fliers, but they will cope better if they know what to expect. 

On The Flight

First-time fliers might be scared of the flight, so help your kids see the plane as fun. Children will pick up on how you feel, so try not to appear anxious of you’re a nervous flier yourself. 

If you’re worried about their ears popping, pack some candy for them to suck on to ease the discomfort. Pack plenty of small toys and games to keep them occupied, especially for long flights. Small children can’t focus on the same thing for very long, so take lots of options, so you have something to offer them when they’re bored. Coloring books, packs of games, and small toys are all good picks. Pack books to read to them, and load your phone with TV shows, games, and movies. Play games like spotting things below you or finding shapes in the clouds that you pass, and encourage them to enjoy the amazing views. 

On The Trip

Make sure you’re ready for a different climate. Children are more sensitive to heat and will burn more easily in the sun. Keep them well hydrated so they can keep cool, and move into the shade when the sun is at its hottest. Cottage rentals can give you a base when you need to retreat from the sun. Cover any exposed skin with sun cream, and reapply often. Make them wear a hat, and cover their shoulders or arms with light shirts. Beach shoes are a good idea for beaches with a lot of stones.

If you’re staying somewhere cold, take a lot of light layers to wrap up. Pack warm boots, a coat, a scarf, and gloves. Multiple light layers are will effectively trap heat and keep everyone cosy and comfy. 

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