upward trends in the used car market amidst covid 19

Upward Trends in the Used Car Market amidst Covid-19

Covid-19 is almost gone. Isn’t it?

Well, it is hard to say. While the vaccination roll-out has largely been successful, the virus is showing no signs of vanishing, with almost every area in the country still reporting new cases daily.

upward trends in the used car market amidst covid-19

This is because the Delta variant has proven to be much more readily infectious than the original strain – and that was pretty fast-spreading itself! Delta can pass from person to person in mere minutes – three minutes across a hotel corridor between two open doors is the most shocking instance that has been recorded – which means that even the most scrupulously careful person is at risk of contracting the disease should they come into even proximate contact* with someone who has it. (*Proximate contact is defined as being enclosed in a space with someone, but six feet or more away from them.)

This has seen a trend of people turning away from mass transit and towards personal cars – but not brand-new personal cars! Instead, the trend has been seen in the used car market, where people are finding a happy meeting point between Covid-19-avoidance and their environmental sensibilities.

Used cars have largely expunged the heavy toll their manufacture takes on the planet’s resources, and continuing to use an older car means that new ones will not yet have to be manufactured to meet that demand. Choosing the most environmentally friendly used cars ensures that this amortisation process continues the longer you own the car.

Owning and driving a used car, therefore, ensures your eco-friendliness while also removing you from unwanted closeness with strangers who may not be as Covid-19-scrupulous as you are. But are there other advantages to purchasing a second-hand car?

Yes, there are!

Used cars tend to offer a much wider range of makes and models than showrooms devoted to new-only vehicles; and they are often much cheaper too. Having a cheaper retail price has a knock-on effect on your insurance, the taxes you will pay, and other similar tariffs and taxes. And a final advantage of buying a second-hand car is that you will get a vehicle that has been run in and any manufacturing faults will have been fixed. Your new-to-you car will run smoothly and well, giving you privacy on your commute and keeping you away from any asymptomatic strangers who might be unwittingly spreading the virus about. So, if you feel inclined to getting yourself a pre-loved car then we recommend ordering a used car from KAP Motors; Brighton’s most reliable car dealer. They offer 100% pre-inspected cars at the most competitive local rates. Get your hands on them today!

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