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Word Of The Week – Active

After weeks of feeling like I have been living in a daze this week has felt very active. I think I have been worrying about making appointments for things in preparation for the funeral. Now we are coming to a month where we will have many appointments for many different things.


Our active week started on Monday with an appointment for our sofa. One of the arms has worn in a funny way on our new sofa. I wasn’t sure if it was the way we had been sitting. When I worked out how old our sofa is, I decided to contact the company to see if we could have it looked at. The technician agreed that the sofa does indeed have a fault. The sofa has now been booked in for another appointment to be fixed.

On Tuesday both Darren and I had appointments with the nurse. I recently received a letter calling me in for my 40-year-old health check. Darren is actually older than me and has never had a letter. So I contacted the NHS trust to make sure he could also have an appointment. Thankfully my results were what I was expecting but I had blood tests to check. I think Darren needs to start watching what he eats. He didn’t have enough time to his blood taken so he has to go back in a few weeks for those. I think these will confirm his results and then I can only assume they will discuss options with him.

Wednesday was full of our after school activities. Little E has a dance show soon so the countdown has begun. There are lots of things for her and me to remember with extra dance classes in the half-term too. The only day I didn’t really feel active was on Thursday but then my work began to get active again on that day.

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