7 amazing birthday ideas for boys

7 Amazing Birthday Ideas for Boys

Every year, parents ask themselves how to uniquely decorate a room for a child’s birthday, what kind of cake to bake, and what style or theme to choose. They are looking through dozens of ideas and sharing experiences with friends. After all, the bday happens only once a year, and the baby is waiting for it with special awe.

If you have a boy, then you have to consider some special décor features that all boys love. But in general, you will need the same familiar and lovely things such as garlands and banners, unique table runners and cupcake toppers, funny figures, and, maybe Spiderman balloons, that any boy will appreciate!

Let’s dive into the world of birthday decor and check out some amazing birthday ideas for boys!

7 amazing birthday ideas for boys

Huge Confetti-filled Balls

Confetti balloons can become a centrepiece if you approach the process of creating your décor wisely. Such inflatables look simply incomparable: confetti rolls in a large transparent ball, sparkling in the spotlight. It instantly charges with positive energy and cheers up the kids!

Create beautiful bouquets with confetti balls by mixing them with other types of balloons, hang them from the ceiling above the festive table and candy bar, and add them to the decor of your arch or garlands to make your party style stand out.

Balloon Cupcake Toppers

If you want to decorate a children’s birthday, then you should do your best to make it stunning! Remember that children notice the smallest details, so we advise you to pay special attention to the little things.

If you’re ready to do something special, inflate small balloons with helium, tie a ribbon to each of them, and wrap the ribbons crosswise around the tiny boxes with cupcakes (you can find these boxes in any bakery shop).

Balloon Pillars

Balloon columns are so popular that you can see them at every party wherever you go. However, there are so many different varieties that it’s hard to notice two identical pillars somewhere!

There are many different ways to create balloon columns. And, in our opinion, the easiest trick is to tie the balls into a cylindrical structure using a pole as a base to make the whole structure stable. Also, you can do it differently and use balloons filled with air at the bottom of the structure, and add helium items at the top, so that the column’s architecture supports itself.

Besides, you can use balloon chains of contrasting colours to create the illusion of a spiral in your columns design, or add monochrome balloon chains between columns to create beautiful alleys!

Bubble Balloons

Bubbles have a great potential for creating an eye-catching decor!

You can use them as part of garlands along with other balls of different colours, which helps to create a stunning effect of light reflection and refraction. Also, you can fill them with confetti or glitter, making them look like giant soap bubbles that sparkle in the sun. Another option is to place a regular coloured balloon inside a bubble.

All in all, bubbles can be used in many different ways and you will always get great results!

Statement-Making Photo Backdrop

No good party can do without a photo backdrop today. You can install them near any vertical surface or between trees, if you have a garden party, and then compliment them with different elements such as balls, flowers, life-size figures, etc.

You can create the easiest and most budget backdrop option, and it will still look simply incomparable. Order tissue paper flower kits, some paper fans, and faux greenery to create your huge and bright masterpiece!

Geometric Table Décor

You can decorate the festive table in different ways using balloons, flowers, vases, intricate figurines, or all together. But we recommend you focus on minimalism and experiment with trendy geometric patterns and shapes.

First, you can download and print a table runner with an interesting geometric pattern on the fabric. Secondly, you can craft interesting figurines from cardboard or construction paper in different shades of gemstones to create a bold bohemian look.

Add to this a DIY display made in a minimalist style with a monochrome colour palette, and you will get consistent and elegant festive table decor!

Bandana Banner

Today, it’s time to finally forget about plastic decorations (well, as much as possible) and use the most environmentally friendly materials. For example, you can make a banner out of bandanas!

Just fold two bandanas in half to make triangular shapes and tie their edges. Add as many bandanas as needed to create your banner. We bet your kids will love this unique, stylish, and bright decoration!

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