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Word Of The Week – Daze

The last time I was able to write a word of the week post was to tell you that I have been grieving. My dad suddenly passed away over the Easter Holidays and it was a shock. We officially said goodbye to him at his funeral yesterday. It feels like I have been living in a daze up until that point. I’m hoping that it will now be easier to focus on the world around me.


Life has had to go on during this in-between time of feeling in a daze. I had to keep going for the children. Little E needs to get to all of her dance classes as she has a show in June. Ethan also celebrated his twelfth birthday. He didn’t really ask for any presents or have any strong interests at the moment. So we upgraded his scooter to a two-wheeled version and got him some LEGO sets. He has just started to be able to put LEGO together. We are starting with small display sets as he doesn’t really play with them afterwards.

We also visited LEGOLAND Windsor for the day. Visiting with my niece and great-nephew as he shares Ethan’s birthday. We haven’t been to LEGOLAND since 2018 so we were excited to return. Ethan was a little disappointed that we didn’t book to stay at the LEGOLAND Hotel. We just didn’t have the budget for it this year. We may have had to promise that we will stay there in the future.

During these past weeks, we have also been catching up with friends. It has been nice to have that time as we haven’t really seen anyone at all so far this year. I went out on my own for lunch with my friend. Something I haven’t done for years. We also celebrated Ethan’s birthday with a little tea. As well as having a beach hut day to celebrate our friend’s son’s birthday. I’m hoping this daze will now lift and 2022 will start to become brighter.

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