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Word Of The Week – Caterpillars

This week has been all about caterpillars. Well for me it has anyway, I might be a little bit more excited than the children. I have always wanted to order Little E a live butterfly garden. I always forget but this year I actually did it. Our caterpillars were due for dispatch last Friday and delivered by the postman on Monday. I might have scared him when I declared loudly it’s our caterpillars!


Both me a Little E have been watching the caterpillars all week. She checks them when she comes home from school and at breakfast time. I tend to look at them every time I am in the kitchen. Watching them and making sure they are moving about when I put the kettle on. I think I’m getting a little obsessed with them. I think we had five caterpillars arrive but one was really small and I don’t think he made it. The other four have doubled in size in a week. They are making their pot very messy. It will be very interesting watching them turn into butterflies.

This past week wasn’t as hectic as last week but we are still getting used to all the after-school activities that have opened up again. Darren had Monday and Tuesday off this week which did take some pressure off of me. But we are still getting used to longer days and my extended work hours.

The children are really enjoying their return to swimming lessons. I know we have really missed Ethan’s swimming club as his sessions really help to burn off his excess energy. Little E is requesting beach days where she can swim in the sea. I personally don’t like the British sea but each to their own. I love that all of her requests for things that she has missed have been simple things. This week Ethan put in his own request for dinner in a Pizza Hut. I think that is something we can do soon. Well hopefully. It is nice that the world is opening up again. I still feel we are taking a slow approach.

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  1. How lovely to watch the caterpillars growing and to look forward to seeing them become butterflies. We’ve done this a few times now and it’s such a lovely activity. Glad Little E and Ethan are enjoying their swimming lessons – it is so nice to have things opening up again isn’t it and to start being able to look forward to a bit more normality. #WotW

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