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Word Of The Week – Hectic

Last week the rules changed so we could be more social. This week non-essential shops could open again and so could the children’s activities. This meant we went from weeks of not really having to do anything to this week being very hectic. It also resulted in some very tired parents. This is why I’m posting my Word of the Week on Saturday and not Friday.


Little E went back to school on Monday but Ethan didn’t have to return until Tuesday. I was able to book a Clarks appointment for Ethan as he was desperate for new shows. So Darren took him into town. Ethan’s feet have grown a whole size bigger. So they came home with new school shoes and trainers. Monday night also saw the return of Little E’s swimming lessons. As I have extended my working hours on a Monday Darren did all of the running around. This made his Monday very hectic and I promised next week he won’t have so many jobs to do.

On Tuesday and Thursday, Ethan’s after-school club was back up and running. This means I then collect him from school in the car. On Thursday I used the extra time I have with Little E to take her to Clarks. She already had new school shoes but they confirmed she has also gone up a size. She got a new pair of trainers and I also got her some summer shoes as we always think about getting her some when it is too late.

Wednesday was the return to ballet for Little E. She has moved up a class which means they are longer lessons. I was waiting outside in the car with Ethan but we knew he would find the increased time too long. So we dropped her off and returned home for the very first time. I was worried how Little E would take this new set up but it worked very well.

Friday was another workday with my new extended hours. I have to go on the school run and try to get the children to walk home quickly. This turned out to be quite interesting, to say the least! Thankfully I only have to worry about this every other Friday. Writing about our week really does show me how hectic it was. Hopefully next week we will be more used to our old/new routine.

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Hectic”

  1. I think as more things open up then lives are becoming more hectic. My kids go back to school next week, it seems like your two are coping well x

  2. You have had a hectic week. I don’t miss the after school clubs when they are in the younger years. A complete logistic nightmore, especially if there were two activities in the evening. Good thinking to pick up summer shoes for Little E. I always leave things like that to the last moment. #wotw

  3. My week was hectic too thanks to lots of things opening.
    It’s our last day off school on Monday and we’re getting school shoes then. It sounds like Darren was busy with all the running around.
    I hope you are managing to have a nice relaxed weekend x

  4. From doing very little to suddenly doing a lot is a big jump! I had a busy week before Easter and after the holiday it’ll start again. Hope next week is a bit more settled.

  5. That does sound like a hectic week, much like I think ours will be this week as Sophie was back at school yesterday. Glad you managed to get new shoes for Ethan and Little E – that’s on my list of things to do! Hope Little E enjoyed her new ballet class and that this week is a little less hectic. #WotW

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