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Our Siblings During June 2021

For our siblings, June 2021 started with our May half-term full of animal adventures. It was so nice having some time off of work to spend with our siblings. Even Little E loved it as she is still getting upset about the fact we had to come home and go back to the school routine.

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We were able to book a four-night stay at Away Resorts Sandy Balls. This holiday park is located in the New Forest. The children loved our lodge and really enjoyed getting the chance to go swimming as a family. They were also able to experience walking an alpaca. This was a real highlight for Little E.

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We wanted to stay at Sandy Balls as it is approximately twenty minutes away from Paultons Park. Ethan loved our visit to Peppa Pig World in October 2019. We wanted to take him there as an eleventh birthday treat.

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We had a lovely day and managed to avoid the random rainfall. There was also a change in how to use their queue assist pass but we were able to make it work.

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The last adventure for our siblings in June 2021 was an overnight stay at Port Lympne. I was able to book a stay at Wolf Lodge as a special treat for Little E. We had an amazing time and it was a great way to end our half-term holidays.

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Ethan was going through a jumping stage during June. We had a nightmare when he went through a very long throwing stage and we did our best to ignore the jumping. He did calm down towards the end of the month but his new fascination is our cats. I really feel for our cats as they are both 17 now and really don’t need Ethan’s affections.

ethan little e wicker heart good friday hill sandy balls June 2021

Little E is doing really well at school. Her reading is improving but we need to work on her handwriting. As parents, we aren’t doing that well with the home learning challenges. There is only so much time in the day but I do feel I’m letting her down.

In July both children will find out what classes they will be in when they return to school in September. Little E moves up to juniors and Ethan will move up to seniors. To say I’m not worried about Ethan’s move at school would be a lie. Thankfully he doesn’t need to change schools which I am so thankful for. But it will still be a big change for him!

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