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Word Of The Week – Leisurely

After our easier week the week before, this week has had a leisurely feel to it. I think this was because Darren’s shift meant he had five days off over the weekend. So I only had to do the school runs from Wednesday until Friday. My work was also quieter and the pressure was off. It allowed me to sort out some appointments for Little E and some house bits.


Little E is still finding her new school challenging. But her protesting is less. There is a parent’s evening soon so I’m keen to hear her teacher’s view. I’m trying to talk to her about all the positives of going to the local school. How it will help her when she has to change schools in a few years. How her old school would be preparing her to go to a high school that she wouldn’t be able to attend. Little E is finding year 4 really hard. I’m trying to put things in place to help her but these things take time.

I have challenged myself to read twelve books this year. I used to read on the commute to London. It would help pass the time and help me unwind from my working day. The only books I have probably read since having children are baby development books, books about autism and The Hunger Games. Reading a Harry Potter book could also have been a possibility. I can remember when they finished publishing the series. As this week has been leisurely I have made my way through The Testaments by Margaret Atwood quite quickly. When finished, this will be my third book this year. I don’t know which book I will read next.

I think the leisurely pace was needed but there is still so much to do around the house and unpack. We hope to get back on track with that next weekend. I need to fit another IKEA delivery in at some point too. It will take time to get everything done.

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2 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Leisurely”

  1. A leisurely week sounds like a good one. It sounds like you have had a lot of pressure taken off you which is fantastic.
    Aww! Poor Little E, I am sure in a few months she will have settled into her new school. I hope the parents evening goes well. x

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