ethan little e smiling snowy garden snowy walk to school

Our First Snowy Walk To School

At the start of December, we got some snow. It was a surprise as there was no mention of snow in any of the weather reports. At 5.30 am Darren was declaring that it was snowing as he left for work. Our phone apps did show the snow but that it would turn to rain by the time we would be on the school run. There was lots of excitement from the children. I found myself praying that we would be able to experience a snowy walk to school that morning.

ethan little e smiling snowy garden snowy walk to school

My praying must have worked as it was still snowing by the time we left for our school run. We even had a first from Ethan as he happily put his gloves on as he said it would be cold. They were both very excited that it was snowing.

ethan little e walking snow snowy walk to school

Our snowy school walk did take longer than the normal school run. There was lots of stopping and starting to have fun in the snow.

ethan snowy walk to school

As you can see from Ethan’s flushed face he was very cold but enjoying the snow.

little e smiling snowy walk to school

Little E was loving every moment of our snowy walk to school. By the time she walked to school her tights were soaking. Thankfully the teachers were proactive, all wet tights were given the chance to dry on the radiators for the day.

It stopped snowing as soon as both children were in school. Thankfully it didn’t turn into rain on my walk home. I was soaked through already. My snow boots didn’t stand up to the challenge very well and I will need to order some new boots. I was cold all day even with the heating on and blankets on my legs. It was worth it though. The children now have another snow memory. The last time I remember going for a walk in the snow with them is when the Beast for the East hit.

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