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Word Of The Week – Uncertainty

Word of the Week is a linky I would take part in all the time. My aim this year is to write more blog posts about the family. So I’m starting to take part in Word of the Week again. This week my word is uncertainty as that is truly what it has been this week.


It feels like a lifetime ago now! On Monday our children had inset/work from home days off of school. Ethan had the day off. Little E’s day was a home learning day. Darren was able to help her with her work as he had the day off too. There was concern from the teacher’s unions about children returning to school with the Covid 19 cases so high. Essex was in tier 4 restrictions. We live in one of the few areas in Essex where the schools were still opening.

On Monday we received messages from both schools. They would remain closed on Tuesday setting work to do at home. This was whilst they waited for a response from the government as to why our tier 4 schools were staying open. This caused uncertainty as we didn’t know what to tell Ethan about when he would return to school. We didn’t want to upset him announcing that his expected routine was going to change.

On Tuesday evening there was the announcement of the new lockdown. No one would be going to school. Well, technically Ethan could as he has an EHCP and goes to a special school. So we still didn’t know what to tell him. During the last lockdown, he went back to school in June when they could open up to more children.

With the infection rates being so high our schools have decided to only open up to NHS workers. Confirmation came through on Wednesday. So it wasn’t until Wednesday evening we were 100% sure that both children would be staying at home.

There was also uncertainty if Darren’s new job was an essential role. We also weren’t sure if he can be furloughed this time. As it stands he can’t be furloughed but he is an essential worker. This means Darren will still be going to work whilst I try to work and home school both children.

For the past few days, I have been homeschooling and thankfully work has been quiet. It will be busy again next week which I’m sure will make it interesting!

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6 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Uncertainty”

  1. Everything seems uncertain at the moment. Thankfully my girls are at secondary school and college so they weren’t back until next week anyway so we were a little prepared for home learning. It still came as a bit of a shock home learning would last until February half term. What a worry with Ethan wondering if he would be going to school or not.
    We have had some uncertainty about my fellas job too. He has been furloughed again, he could go to work but as the place he works at is mostly closed there isn’t much work to do.
    Take care and stay safe. x

  2. Monday was really unsettling with the uncertainty over schools – we were in the same position with having an inset day and having our school still open when others in the nearby area were closed. I can imagine that uncertainty of not knowing whether Ethan would be going in or not was hard. Good luck with home schooling this time around – it is harder having to do it on your own. My husband is still working too (mostly from home now though) so the home-schooling falls to me on the whole as I’m part time so can fit my work around the children more easily than he can. #WotW

  3. I think we are all living in uncertain times at the moment. I’m glad you got things sorted in the end and I hope the home schooling goes well. Nice to see you back x

  4. It has been a very uncertain time. My two are at secondary school so were going back late anyway until we got put back in lockdown. Homeschooling and work is always an interesting combination!

  5. How awful to have such uncertainty. Both mine are at secondary, so we already knew that ours would be staying home at least for a week, but once the Lockdown was announced then it was extended. Difficult to manage Ethans expectations when you didn’t have the answers. I’m glad it’s worked out OK for you all. #wotw

  6. Yes, we did have the same word this week! There is such uncertainty in so many areas of life that once were certain. Sigh. I guess we can never predict the future–lesson learned. Live flexible.

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