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Project 365 2021 Week 1 Day’s 1-8

A photo a day, every day, for a year! I took part in Project 365 a few years ago. I was able to complete the year in 2015 but didn’t complete 2016 or 2017. This year I’m hoping I will do better. This is my post for the year 2021 Week 1.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 1

Day 1

ethan looking at beach frinton-on-sea

Our New Years Day tradition is to go for a walk at Frinton-on-Sea. Last year we left it until the afternoon to visit and the beach was packed. So this year we made sure we visited before our lunch. We didn’t walk too far as it was cold. We took the children’s scooters so they got the chance to burn off some of their excess energy.

Day 2

little e playing just dance 2021

I treated myself to a Nintendo Switch hoping that it will help make me fitter. We did buy one for Ethan when he was going through his throwing stage. Hoping that it would help him stop but he never got on with it. We ended up selling that one to a friend. I brought Just Dance as I thought Little E would love it. We played for over an hour together today. It’s Darren’s turn tomorrow!

Day 3

day 1 results ring fit adventure

Today was my first day playing Ring Fit Adventure on the Nintendo Switch. I sit on the sofa all the time and I want to move more. To start I have set myself a 30-day challenge. I want to play the game every day, except Sundays over the next 30 days. Fingers crossed that I can complete my goal.

Day 4

ethan hair cut

Today Darren cut Ethan’s hair. Hair cuts have been a major issue for us to overcome with Ethan. Some people say that cutting hair actually hurts children with autism as they are so sensitive to it. At the moment we are in a good place with cutting hair, we know this can change at any moment. The last lockdown got too much for me as we were at a real battle stage. Darren would have to hold Ethan still whilst he was screaming as I cut his hair. Both me and Ethan were in tears (again) and I said I just couldn’t do this anymore to my son. Somehow Darren and Ethan have worked together over the months and at this moment in time hair cuts are happier and easier.

Day 5

little e space homeschooling work

At the moment Darren still has to go out to work during this lockdown. This means that I’m at home with the children juggling homeschooling and my work. This term’s topic is space. Homeschooling Little E isn’t easy but we had both children’s tasks for the day complete and sent back to their teachers by lunchtime.

Day 6

ethan playing mathletics 2021 Week 1

In the last lockdown, we struggled with Ethan’s homeschooling. Little E’s learning got more intense and more of a battleground. This meant that Ethan’s was forgotten. So far I have managed to do a school activity with them both each day. Ethan’s teacher set up an account for Mathletics and Ethan was able to complete two tasks today. I think he quite enjoyed his computer time. Holding his attention for any period of time is one of the biggest battles.

Day 7

ethan little e climbing walls colchester castle 2021 Week 1

On Thursday I was able to get us out of the house for a bit. I’m so proud of myself as it has taken me a long time to be able to leave the house with both children on my own. Little E being older and having a greater understanding has really helped. The school run also really helped my confidence. Ethan still needs constant support but he has got better at listening to me, sometimes! We took the scooters out and walked to Colchester Castle. The children took the opportunity of it being so quiet to climb the walls there. We never normally let them do it.

Day 8

harry potter puzzle 2021 Week 1

Today was a harder day. The printer run out of ink on Thursday so we just played some online games in the evening that the teachers have recommended. Ethan was very unsettled and I was feeling down. So I put the Trolls movies on for them. They both love the Trolls singing and dancing in the films. I started a Harry Potter puzzle that Darren gave me for Christmas. I really found that puzzles helped me in the last lockdown when I couldn’t concentrate. Even when there was an information overload. They help me switch off and keep off of social media.

That was our 2021 Week 1 adventure. I can’t wait to see what everyone else got up to.

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13 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 1 Day’s 1-8”

  1. Lovely to see you joining in with Project 365 again.
    It sounds like you had a great week.
    My youngest got a Nintendo Switch for Christmas and we’re planning to get her Just Dance soon. We do love those games, we used to play them on the Wii. Good luck with the exercise.
    It sounds like a tramatic time for all when it comes to cutting Ethan’s hair. I am glad things are easier now.
    The home learning is a challenge but it sounds like you’re doing great.
    Sending hugs. That jigsaw looks fab! x

  2. I’m a puzzler too – although haven’t done any this past week. Glad that haircuts are going better, and that home school is working better this time.

  3. Welcome back to Project 365, I rejoined again last year and am loving doing it again, although keep forgetting to take pictures. I really want the Ring Fit Adventure, but could not get it for love nor money during lockdown

  4. We have the same topic here too this term. I do feel for you all juggling work and school with more than one child. I struggle with just one. Glad that Darren and Ethan have found a way to deal with haircuts without the trauma. I enjoy you the sea, I miss it so much right now #365

  5. Happy new year, and welcome back to Poject 365! I haven’t been able to complete all years I’ve joined in. Fingers crossed, this year will be a completed project.
    I know what you mean about children with autism and haircuts. My son is 18, and absolutely hates his hair cut. I typically run after him with scissors, and always worry that I might accidentally hurt him when he ducks his head. We let him wear his hair long, so as not to stress him, but obviously we do need to cut it from time to time.
    Nice puzzle! I got a big puzzle for Christmas, but haven’t opened it yet.

  6. Hey… Good wishes with Project 365. I t is my first time doing the Project 365.

    It is so lovely that you live near a place like the Picturesque castle. I am also hoping to move more this year… Good wishes with your fitness journey

  7. What a lovely New Year’s Day tradition to have. Little E looks like she is enjoying Just Dance. Glad that Ethan is coping well with haircuts at present. Sounds like home-schooling is going well so far. Lovely to get out for a walk at Colchester Castle too. #project365

  8. That’s a lovely New Years Day tradition! We should do something like that.

    I have the ring fit for the Nintendo Switch and it is fun (when I do actually do it!!)

    I like doing puzzles too…that looks like a good one

  9. Hello, I think I must have started project 365 just as you paused for a while. I do love it hope you manage to keep it up this year it can be tricky especially at the moment trying to fit everything in. We are also facing the homeschooling battle and I fear it is winning. Great that your husband has managed to get into a good place with haircuts with Ethan. I will be interested to hear how you go with the ring fit adevnture as I could also do with not just sitting on the sofa all the time!

  10. Lovely to see you back. Without sounding patronising, well done managing the home schooling with the different ages and abilities, I’m grateful my children are now adults, not sure I’d be coping. Also well done to your husband with the haircut, my youngest said his hair hurt when it was cut, although he isn’t autistic, but it’s something I’d heard about. Great to see the jigsaw puzzles back out, good luck with the fitness

  11. Nice to meet you and your family (virtually obviously!) We have a Switch but I ddin’t know you could use it for exercise, not sure I’d get my kids off it long enough to have a go! Love your pic of Colchester Castle (I’m a history nerd) #project365

  12. I kind of wish we hadn’t sold our switch now as I think I would love the Ring Fit Adventure game to try and get fit without getting bored exercising! So glad hair cuts are going well at the moment. My are long overdue haircuts, I think I better get my husband to get the trimmers out. Homeschooling is tough isn’t it, hang in there sounds like you are doing a great job!

  13. Colchester Castle looks gorgeous and perfect for you getting out with the kids!
    We always had a tradition of going to the coast on New Year’s Eve growing up. Liv wasn’t with me this time so I managed to enjoy some quiet time around the house.
    Hope you are getting on ok with homeschooling, it is not easy at all but good to hear that Ethan enjoyed the maths. There really are some fabulous maths online learning platforms… technology has definitely saved us during all this madness! Hope you are having a lovely week and welcome back to Project365! Sim x

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