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Word Of The Week – Holiday

This week our word of the week is holiday. We have just returned from a lovely midweek break at Elveden Forest Center Parcs.


When Little E was born we felt like we were living on our nerves keeping her safe from Ethan’s affections. It was a very tense time and with so much going on including Darren’s job change. We felt like we needed time to regroup and spend some time together. We didn’t want to travel too far and had been interested in seeing why everyone loves Center Parcs. So we decided to book whilst we could take advantage of the low term time prices.

I had been trying to prepare Ethan for our trip the week before. Pointing out the Center Parcs adverts on the TV and telling him that it was a holiday. I think he got the idea but I’m not sure if he understands what the word holiday means. He did start vocalizing holiday when Andy Peters was advertising a competition on Good Morning Britain from Miami Beach!

As with any change of routine, we worry about how Ethan will react. I’m pleased to say he did very well. We had lots of visitors to our accommodation including ducks and Muntjac dear. Ethan was happy to watch them from the windows which also meant he hasn’t used the iPad all week.

We did have a few autism moments. He didn’t like queuing when we arrived to check in and anxiety kicked in around children again. I didn’t push him and we just stayed away from the groups in the activities when Ethan was uncomfortable. We also had a horse and carriage ride booked which I didn’t think Ethan wanted to do. Thankfully we got him on the carriage in the end but at one point I did think he wanted to throw himself out of the moving carriage!

When we arrived home today Ethan went into a full-blown meltdown which was triggered because his cakes wasn’t where he expected them to be. It totally caught me off guard but I understand how he must have felt. He has had a week of unknowns and no routine that he knows and when he got home, to his safe place, things wasn’t as they should be. It took a awhile to calm him down but we got there in the end.

We really enjoyed our Center Parcs stay it was just what we needed. We are hoping that we will be able to visit again but now that we have to stick to school holidays it might take a while to save up.

11 thoughts on “Word Of The Week – Holiday”

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      We really did, Ethan was so busy watching the ducks it stopped all of his climbing etc. We are wondering when we can move in lol x

  1. So pleased you all got a break and that on the whole Ethan coped well with it, and you all enjoyed it. My daughter started school last Sep so this is our first year of being restricted to school holidays and I’m appalled by the costs! Thanks for sharing with #WotW x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      I’m shocked at the school holiday prices. I understand why people take their children out of school. I’m hoping to not to do that just yet as the holiday I will want to be in school time might be a big request ;0) x

  2. We love Centreparcs! Our favourite is Sherwood Forest because it is only an hour or so drive away. Sir absolutely loves it there. We have been going for 10 years, sometimes twice a year and the staff have always been fantastic with him even when he’s had meltdowns in restaurants.
    Madam loves it there too.
    The downside is the cost though.. especially in school holidays. It is worth checking when the last week of your 6 weeks holiday is.. we have saved a lot of money by going then.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thanks for the tip, I will take a look at those dates for next year. We would love to do a Christmas/Winter Wonderland type break because we think it would be lovely then x

  3. Oh it is 🙂 I have been at the end of November/begining December when they have put the decorations up. It’s really pretty.

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