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Ethan’s 1st Pony Ride

On Bank Holiday Monday a riding school near my mums held an open day and I thought it would be nice to take a look around. This was for two reasons, the first being that I have a passion for horses. I must have pestered my mum about it from a very young age because I had riding lessons at the age of five, but we all know this is an expensive hobby so I don’t think these lasted long. Perhaps my mum’s nerves couldn’t take it, I can’t remember why the lessons stopped but I always remember asking for a horse called Sinbad. I was very fortunate that one of my mum’s close friends had a horse so I was able to get my horse fix every now and then. I have also been pony trekking on a school trip in Wales and horse riding in St Lucia which included taking the horses into the sea and swimming with them, an absolute amazing experience and one that I will never forget. I have one unfulfilled horse riding dream and that is to go horse riding in Walt Disney World, hopefully I will one day get the opportunity to do this. 

Secondly the sign for the riding school states that they cater for disabilities so I wanted to find out more as I have read that horse riding can have a positive effect on people with autism and can help improve communication. 

The open day had attracted lots of attention and as we were walking towards the riding school I could see that they were offering pony rides. I didn’t think Ethan would be able to ride a pony that day so we decided just to walk around the stables and show him all the horses.

Darren showed Ethan how to say hello.







After saying hello to all the different horses we could see it was quieter on the pony rides so we decided to ask them if it was possible for Ethan to ride today. We had debated a little about this before hand as we didn’t think that Ethan would want to put a hat on or even sit on the pony, he proved us wrong yet again!

I explained Ethan’s situation and the lady told us she had the perfect pony for Ethan. Within minutes his hat was on and he was all set to go, not once did he try to get off of the pony and as they set off he flashed us the most amazing smile. 


I even captured part of his ride on video. 
Even though we were worried how Ethan would handle this experience I’m so glad we didn’t stop him from trying it. I really want Ethan to experience as many new things as possible because one day we could find something that he excels at…

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