Little E

Cooing And Babbling Three Months Old

It was a big decision for us to extend our family. It’s a big decision for anyone, can we afford another baby, do we have enough room, will I be able to love two children at the same time etc. But we have the added worry of autism, a one in five chance that our next child will be autistic. We were advised not to have anymore children, we decided not to listen!

I vowed to myself that I wouldn’t compare my children, that I wouldn’t watch our new baby. Waiting for signs, hoping that I wouldn’t see them. Dreading regression!

I’m not superhuman. I think every mum compares their children’s first milestones, it’s natural, autism or not. So, as with Ethan, I’m celebrating every milestone Little E reaches along the way no matter how big or small.

This week Little E is really cooing and is starting to make lots of noise. I managed to capture it on video for all of the grandparents to see.

For us this is a massive milestone, the reason being Ethan never did this. Looking back he never really made a noise. He started to babble just after he started nursery at two and a half. So we are enjoying every moment of Little E’s cooing and babbling. Even Ethan thinks it’s funny.

I’m keeping everything crossed that this cooing turns into lots and lots of talking.



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