Last week we experienced quite a lot of snow fall but we watched it from our windows.


Every time it snowed I found myself wishing it would settle. It just proves how much having children changes you because before children just the mention of the word snow would fill me with dread. Snow meant travel chaos and a complete nightmare!

Now I found myself wanting to wake up to a winter wonderland so that we could experience snow as a family and hopefully build a snowman!

I was disappointed, but on Saturday afternoon BIG flakes of snow started to fall. So I quickly wrapped me and Ethan up warm and heeded out into the garden so that Ethan could at least experience snowfall.


He screamed with excitement when we went into the garden and just run backwards and forwards in the snow. It was very icy so I was on full alert trying to stop him from falling over whilst taking photos at the same time.


I told Ethan to catch the snow and he batted it whilst roaring! So I showed him how to hold out his hand to catch it.


We only had ten minutes in the snow as the snowfall soon stopped but Ethan loved every minute.
Country Kids from Coombe Mill Family Farm Holidays Cornwall


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