5 top tips for travelling with young children

5 Top Tips For Travelling With Young Children

Every parent can agree that travelling with young children can be a stressful, difficult event. But it doesn’t always need to be. With the right preparation, you can travel with your kids and make the trip a memorable one for everybody. In this article, I offer five top tips you should incorporate into your travel plans with young children:

1. Keep them occupied and entertained

Young children generally have short attention spans. They will quickly get bored with one toy or one game. Dealing with bored children can be stressful, so you will need to come up with ways to keep them occupied and entertained by carrying a variety of travel games to keep them occupied. You will need to switch these up periodically so that you don’t have to worry about them crying or fighting for control of the steering wheel! You can also use this travelling opportunity to introduce them to a new variety of games such as Travel Scrabble, Mad Libs, and Boogie Board.

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2. Plan well and early

Always start your planning earlier than you would when travelling with adults to account for unexpected toilet breaks and other potential issues. Research everything there is about your destination and familiarise yourself with its amenities and the nearest hospital. This might include researching hotels that offer child-friendly environments and serve a variety of children’s dishes. Pre-book these hotels to avoid a lot of hassle on the ground and to secure the best rates.

Buy everything you will need beforehand and pack in a manner that is easy to remember. Plan all the activities the children will be partaking in and always plan for a possible worst outcome by packing a first aid kit too. If travelling with children who have a disability, discover some fun activities that would consider their needs at AssistiveTech.

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3. Keep them healthy

Young children are prone to bugs and illness, and a sick child can cut short your trip. Therefore, you should take precautionary measures to avoid this. Make sure they only play in clean spaces; that the cutlery and utensils they use are clean and dry; that they are changed regularly; and that they are kept warm and dry. You should also stock up on healthy snacks for the journey, as well as non-prescription over the counter drugs to cure any symptoms that may arise.

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4. Be there for them

Nobody knows how to take care of your kids better than you. Always be alert and make sure their environment is secure and safe. Try to ensure mealtimes are consistent and frequent, and show them how to overcome problems rather than becoming stressed and upset. Remember, the only way you’ll enjoy travelling is if your kids are enjoying it as well.

5. Keep them informed

Children want to be part of the gang, so tell them all about the place they are travelling to and the way of life or culture of the people there. Advise them about specific customs if necessary too, because if they know what is expected of them and why they will be more likely to behave well.

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