A Sea View #CountryKids

We decided for our May Me and Mine photos we wanted to venture down to the seaside to take our photos. It was meant to be a warm day but it was absolutely freezing whilst we were there.

Photos showing our children watching the sea at Clacton on Sea

We have taken Little E with us before during our visits to the sea but she has always been in her pram. Today we decided to show her the sea in person.


She was fascinated, but it was too cold to let her really explore. She had to put up with watching her brother doing his favorite pastime, throwing stones!


We are planning some trips to the sea in the summer holidays, hopefully it will be warmer and Little E will be able to enjoy the experience even more.


6 thoughts on “A Sea View #CountryKids”

  1. Little E looks rather unsure of the water, I found with mine it took a few visits before they found the fun in sand and water. Ethan looks very at home there happily throwing stones into the waves. I hope it warms up for your next visit. thank you for popping over to link up with me on Country Kids.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      It did take Ethan a while to get used to the sea, he still doesn’t understand sand. I’m hoping Little E gets the idea quicker and she can help Ethan with trips to the beach x

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