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A Winters Walk At Brightlingsea Beach

Ethan was desperate to see the sea again last Sunday. We are very aware of the need to stay local at the moment. But when our little boy wants to see the sea there is no stopping his demands until they are met. We have been compromising his needs by taking him to Brightlingsea Beach. Brightlingsea is a lot closer to us than Clacton or Frinton being just a short drive away. We also take Ethan’s diagnosis papers with us to help prove his need for routine if we are ever asked.

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Bright and early on Sunday morning we were up and out at Brightlingsea Beach. We like to get out early in the hope that it is quieter. This is something with have always done for Ethan’s needs. It feels even more important now in a world with Covid-19. This also helps to easily find a parking space. Struggling to find a car parking space is something that will easily cause Ethan to have a meltdown.

ethan little e brightlingsea promenade

We started our walk at Bateman’s Tower. We have never been this far down the promenade before. In the past, we have visited the play area and started our walks from there. It was extremely cold but we decided to stick with our walk as I hadn’t been out of the house for seven days. It is also important for the children to burn off some energy which is why we take their scooters.

batemans tower

We decided as it was so cold we would just walk the length of the promenade and then return to the car. We had walked to the marina during our walk a few weeks ago. Ethan wanted to make a return visit. We would have been freezing if we had gone for a longer walk.

batemans tower brightlingsea beach

We made our way back to the car passing the lido and the boating lake. During our visits, we have never taken much notice of the boating lake before. We made a promise to the children that when it can open again we will go out on the boats.

ethan little e scootering brightlingsea promenade

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