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Project 365 2021 Week 5 Day’s 30-36

A photo a day, every day, for a year! This is my post for the year 2021 Week 5. It’s our fifth week of juggling life and school work but this week I have been taking things slowly. We are still playing catch-up on Little E’s school work but I’m not stressing about it. I was also able to take a step back from work this week as we wait for the next part of the brief to arrive.

Project 365 – 2021 Week 5

Day 30

forest collage little es school work

We were waiting for a delivery of different colour paper so that Little E could work on her art lessons. The delivery arrived in the week so today Little E spent time creating a ripped paper landscape.

Day 31

ethan pretending drive car

Ethan was desperate to visit the sea today. Our local compromise is to visit Brightlingsea. On the way back we had to stop to pick up some lunch. Ethan quickly jumped in the driving seat when Darren left the car. I think he is missing going on adventures in the car. This moment was bittersweet for me as at this moment in time I don’t think Ethan will ever be able to drive. I’m not sure what the rules are for having an autism diagnosis and driving a car. His current stims would also make him unsafe on the road.

Day 32

starfish mosaic sensory garden colchester castle park

We were all able to get out for a walk today. We were able to change our normal local walk but completing the Castle Park Junior Ranger Trail. By doing this we were able to discover areas of our park that we have never visited before. Including the sensory garden.

Day 33

little e holding flower collage school work

More art for Little E today. This time her creation was creating a flower by rolling and folding paper.

Day 34

complete beauty and the beast ravensburger puzzle 2021 Week 5

I was able to complete my Beauty and the Beast puzzle today. I found the Beasts face quite tricky which tested my puzzling skills.

Day 35

foggy colchester castle 2021 Week 5

It was very foggy today and I was desperate to get the children out for a walk before lunch. The fog didn’t want to shift so we went for a foggy walk. Typically the fog cleared and the sun came out as we were eating our lunch.

Day 36

mickey mouse shirt pattern 2021 Week 5

I love this shirt from Sainsbury’s. I ordered it before Christmas to wear on Christmas day. It did have gold stars in the pattern but washing it once and they washed away. I contacted Sainsbury’s today and they are happy to refund me but I need to send the shirt back.

That was our 2021 Week 5 adventure. You can read about our week 4 here.

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12 thoughts on “Project 365 2021 Week 5 Day’s 30-36”

  1. What a pretty picture made by Little E.
    That really is bittersweet thinking about the future with Ethan learning to drive. Who knows what the future will bring though.
    I love that Beauty and the Beast puzzle. x

  2. It’s been really foggy the last couple of days here. Looks like it was a nice walk you went on. Little E must be enjoying her art. That’s frustrating abotu the top – bit of a shame it has to go back if it’s still wearable.

  3. Some lovely artwork this week!

    That puzzle is great and I can see how the Beast’s face would be difficult to do!

    That is such a shame about the stars going from the top.

  4. Love Little E’s ripped paper landscape and paper flower. Nice to discover some new areas of the park by following the trail. We’ve got the Beauty and the Beast puzzle now but haven’t started on it. I might leave Beast’s face to my husband to do! Typical that the fog finally lifted after your walk. #project365

  5. Yay for a trip to the beach. We are also behind on school work but I am determined for it not to stress me out and keep reminding myself there are probably people doing nothing with the EYFS because of other commitments. Love the puzzle and the coloured paper pictures.

  6. Little E’s art projects with paper are lovely, bug well done! Glad you found the sensory garden to visit.
    Ethan looks so happy in the car. The puzzle looks tricky, but great fun.
    I also find the sparkly/gold bits wear off quickly in the wash. The misty photo looks eeerie, you can almost imagine ghosts sliding quietly on the lawn out of the fog.

  7. Lovely artwork this week, nice when they get a chance to be creative with their school work. What a shame that the stars washed off, its still a cute shirt though. We still have some work to complete in the next few days. I was hoping to be all done for the holidays but my youngest is in no rush.

  8. My friends son is autistic and is moving into supporting living, he’s having driving lessons. I appreciate every person is different, but it doesn’t mean it can automatically be ruled out. I too am missing just jumping in the car and going places

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