Bubble Fun!

Ethan loves bubbles, always has done. Last year Nana and Pappy brought him a bubble gun and he had lots of fun playing with the bubbles when we visited them. 

We soon invested in bubble machines and our garden was filled with bubbles, Ethan had lots of bubble fun!
For Christmas Ethan’s Auntie Aimi and Uncle James sent Ethan a bubble lawn mower and it has been patiently waiting in its box for the warmer weather, well this week was the week that we opened it. 
Ethan has had lots of fun pushing it around our garden and working out how to turn it on and off. 
He also took an interest in how it worked and has spent quite a few hours working it out.
We also had a fantastic development with the bubbles this week whilst we worked on PECS. Ethan took an interest in the bubble stick and kept putting it in and out of the bubble mixture. 
Now Ethan can’t blow bubbles, it is one of our many things to work on, when asked to blow bubbles at swimming Ethan just drinks the water, but this week Ethan put the bubble sick up to his mouth and blew. He actually made a bubble which is fantastic. 
Bring on more bubble fun this summer.

2 thoughts on “Bubble Fun!”

  1. What a great achievement for Ethan – he seems so enchanted by the bubbles, and the bubble lawn mower is such a great gift. Here’s to more sunny days spent having fun in the garden, thanks for linking up to Country Kids.

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