Bye Swimming Pool, A Truly Magical Moment

Two swimming lessons ago a truly magical moment happened. I have been trying to make more of an effort to give Ethan an idea of what is happening in his little world. I feel that we take him to places and he is never aware of what is coming for example yesterday we took him into London and he was placed in a car, then on a tube, then taken to a party and then we did the return journey home. None of which he knew about until about until it was happening, if Ethan could talk I’m sure we would be saying ‘Guess what we are doing today?’. We need to build a library of pictures so we can make a time line for Ethan so he knows what is coming. This is the next thing on the list after mastering PECS. 

So whist we wait for that I have been making sure I say bye to whatever we are doing so that Ethan knows it is ending, at the moment it has helped to stop a few meltdowns which is positive. 

So after chasing Ethan around the swimming pool for 45 minutes after his lesson, I had decided I had enough. I picked up Ethan and said ‘Its time to go now, bye swimming pool’ and proceeded to walk over to the life guard to collect our locker key. On route I said ‘Bye swimming pool’ a few more times then all of a sudden Ethan repeated me. I couldn’t believe it and gave him a massive kiss. 

Now I wouldn’t say it was the clearest words you would have ever heard, and if Ethan said it in-front of you, you probably wouldn’t know what he was saying, but He proceeded to copy me whilst we got changed and left the pool. I couldn’t keep the smile off of my face. 

On his last lesson the same thing happened, Ethan copied me as I said ‘Bye swimming pool’. This time he also said it on his own as we left the changing room without any prompt.

This is such a magical moment for me as it shows that Ethan is starting to copy us more and more and he may even be using words in context. This is so amazing as nine months ago he wasn’t even making any noise and we thought he may never talk, this is such a massive step forward. I’m so proud of our little superstar! 

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6 thoughts on “Bye Swimming Pool, A Truly Magical Moment”

  1. I think it’s important to keep talking to him even if he doesn’t answer or seem to be paying any attention. I believe that it’s all getting in there somehow.
    It’s pretty awesome that he imitated you in saying goodbye.

  2. What a beautiful post. Some posts exemplify what #magicmoment’s are and this is definitely one of them. Look forward to reading more.

  3. This made me cry! I know what an amazing moment that must have been for you.
    Youre right too, the words will come. My Bruiser was non verbal a year ago, he didnt make any sounds and with the help of makaton and PECS he now talks. Its not chit chat, but purely a means to an end to get his needs met. But it doesnt matter! Hearing their little voice so sweetly just melts your heart doesnt it. xx

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