Candles – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

This wasn’t the Small Steps Amazing Achievements I thought I would be sharing you this week. This was a very unexpected achievement that totally caught us off guard and one that I’m so excited about. For me it sums up why it is so important to celebrate these small steps as they really do mean so much.

Ethan has never been able to master how to blow. They make them blow bubbles in swimming and this is something that we have never been able to join in with. When it has come to his birthday cakes, yes I know he has only had three, it has been mummy and daddy’s job to blow out the candles. We now even make sure that no matter who’s birthday it is we always have a cake with candles, something that didn’t always happen before Ethan. 

I had read somewhere that learning to blow is also key in bringing on speech as it means your muscles are learning how to work. I have even purchased a speech therapy owl in the hope we would be able to encourage this, but it didn’t, Ethan would give the toy to us so we could make it work.

On Sunday we had purchased candles in preparation for the big storm and for our pumpkins. I was sitting in the front room when I could hear Darren saying “That’s it, one, two, three”. I went into the kitchen and discovered this.
I couldn’t believe what I was seeing. Our little Ethan was attempting to blow out the candles. I can only think this is something he has picked up from the other children at nursery, as they encourage the children and staff to bring in birthday cakes to celebrate their day. 
This means, as long as Ethan doesn’t loose this new found skill, he will be able to blow out the candles on his 4th birthday cake. Something that I’m very excited about. 
To celebrate, this weekend, we will be having an unbirthday cake with lots of candles. This is definitely an achievement I’m going to cherish. 

11 thoughts on “Candles – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. That’s lovely! Made me feel quite tearful for Ethan and you. I’d never thought about blowing before, obviously because it’s not something which has ever been an issue for us. Enjoy the unbirthday cake!

  2. Wow! That’s truly amazing. Boo can’t blow and it’s something that we talked about in SALT last week. I think in his case it’s a muscle tone issue and he struggles sometimes with lip closure. So mm, ff and p, b and other sounds will be hard. I have been asked to try getting him to drink with a special cup to help with this and to to lots of bubbles with him. But this is amazing. You must be so proud of Ethan. What a clever boy!

  3. well done ethan!!! thats a brilliant achievement! you have inspired me to think i should try mr t more with blowing candles too and see how he gets on!

    anna (in the playroom)

  4. sad to see the comment I left you the last time obvs didn’t show up – beepy mobiles! Anyhow am v happy to read this – we have a candles fetish in our house too 🙂 Can totally understand your happiness, thanks for linking up to me too! x

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