Clacton Air Show

In the summer holidays we were asked if we would like the use of a beach hut at Clacton-on-Sea for a day. We know how much Ethan loves the sea so we picked a date in august that we had free. Unknown to us it was the day of the Clacton Air Show.

We of course worried about how busy it would be for Ethan and how he would handle all of the people, but we decided to get to the beach hut early and hope for the best. If it all got too much for Ethan we would leave, nothing ventured, nothing gained and all that!

When we arrived the beach was still clear and we had an amazing view.


We claimed a spot on the beach and both children enjoyed the sand and the sea.


By lunch time the beach was getting pretty full so we moved ourselves into the beach hut to have some lunch and for Little E to have a much-needed rest.


It was lovely being in the beach hut as it really sheltered you from all of the hustle and bustle that was going on outside.

It wasn’t long before the Air Show started and we were able to watch the RAF Red Arrows perform their display. I had brought ear defenders for both children but being in the beach hut also reduced the noise so the children didn’t need them. Ethan loved watching the Red Arrows and would clap as they passed us.

ClactonAirShow_22 ClactonAirShow_23 ClactonAirShow_24 ClactonAirShow_25 ClactonAirShow_26 ClactonAirShow_27 ClactonAirShow_28 ClactonAirShow_29ClactonAirShow_211ClactonAirShow_212

We decided to leave after seeing a few more of the displays as Ethan was starting to feel a bit tapped in the beach hut and Little E needed a nap.

We really enjoyed our beach hut morning but if we get the chance to enjoy the beach hut next summer we will make sure we keep clear of the Air Show days. I have to say that the summer really let us down with the weather but this morning was easily one of best days we had in the summer holidays.

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