Clacton Pier – The Big Rides!

Last Sunday we wanted to get out of the house and headed to Clacton for some fresh air. We ended up on the pier so Darren tried to talk me into letting Ethan go on some of the rides that he is now big enough for. We have had this discussion the last few times we have visited the pier and I have always said no but this time I gave in.

We purchased some tokens and headed over to a ride called Techno Jump.


The only was I can describe this ride is like spider legs that jump up and down. It’s not on my to do list!


Ethan hated it and he is normally such a thrill seeker.

I felt terrible watching from the sideline, all I could do was hope that the ride would end quickly. It felt like it went on for an age!

In an attempt to make myself feel a little better about Ethan’s terrible experience I offered to take him on a different ride.


I thought this ride couldn’t possibly be a bad experience, I was very wrong!


Ethan started off enjoying the ride and was very excited by it but it was so windy that when we got to the highest point the wind from the sea hit us. Ethan didn’t like it and it started to cause a meltdown.

This was my worst fear, I had no way of getting him off of the ride whist it was moving, I had to work out how to keep him calm. I quickly realised his meltdown was being caused but the wind hitting him so I put his hood up to cover his ears. I also made a bit of a joke out of the wind hitting us, warning him when it would come. Thankfully this stopped the meltdown in its tracks but I was glad when the ride was over.

I don’t think we will be going on the big rides again anytime soon!

6 thoughts on “Clacton Pier – The Big Rides!”

  1. Nikki Frank-Hamilton

    This happened when my son was little, he hates rides to this day. It looked like so much fun, but it made him panic, and of course I felt horrible! Good thing you figured out how to calm him, it does seem like forever doesn’t it. I feel for you.

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      My brother hates rides because my dad took him on something when he was younger. I really hope we haven’t created a new fear. It really did feel like forever!

  2. Sometimes you have to experience these things to know if you like them or not and they do look such fun. Some of my kids adore them but a couple are really not keen at all, you have to try to find out though. Sounds like Ethan will be happy to watch next time!

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Yes I think he will. At least Darren got it out of his system, he even said he didn’t like it!

  3. Oh no, poor Ethan. My kids love rides, and our eldest is a real thrill-seeker. She’s loved roller coasters since she was 2! My son is not quite as crazy, so I know what you mean about seeing them upset and not being able to stop the ride, I hate that x

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Ethan normally is a thrill-seeker, I just think this one was a little two much. Lets hope it hasn’t put him off. We will soon know when we visit Legoland for his birthday x

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