Thinking Slimmer 12 Week Challenge – Week 12 Update

It’s week 12 of my Thinking Slimmer 12 week challenge, the final week. I’m sad to report that last week didn’t go to plan. I was one pound away from officially loosing a stone in weight but I think the stress of the week made me resort to some old habits and I ended up putting on some weight. I’m going to continue with the Thinking Slimmer challenge for another 12 weeks to see if I can continue with my weightloss.

I know what I did wrong last week and I hope to continue to correct it. Below are my losses for this week and my final figure for the last 12 weeks.

Weight-loss vs Measurements

I ended up putting weight on this week but I lost on my measurements.

Todays BMI – 29.06

Week 11 weight-loss – 2 pounds gained!

Chest Measurement – 1.5 cm loss

Waist Measurement – 1.5 cm loss

Bicep Measurement – No loss

Hip Measurement – No loss

Thigh Measurement – No loss

12 Week Weight-loss and Measurements

Original BMI – 31.09 / Todays BMI – 29.06

Weight-loss – 11 pounds

Chest Measurement – 4.5 inches loss

Waist Measurement – 6.5 inches loss

Bicep Measurement – 2 inches loss

Hip Measurement – 6 inches loss

Thigh Measurement – 2 inches loss

Total inch loss 21 inches lost

2 thoughts on “Thinking Slimmer 12 Week Challenge – Week 12 Update”

  1. Well done! Those results are great! I’m on week 6 of the programme and loving the changes it’s bringing, keep up the good work and remember this is a lifestyle change not a quick win, you are in this for life so some weeks will be better than others.

    Keep going! xx

    1. Jane - Our Little Escapades

      Thank you, I feel I have lost it a bit again this week but I’m not really thinking about it. Tomorrow will show if that is a good thing or not x

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