Drawing Faces

With all of Ethan’s difficulties I have never really pushed Ethan with drawing or writing but his nursery worked with him and over the years his pen grip has improved.

His interest with letters helped and he loves the manga-doodle. My mum has also been really good with him, showing him how to draw faces and round hands etc. Ethan did try to start drawing faces but it was a series of lines and dots with no distinctive features.

This summer I brought out the aqua-doodle for something to do and as my mum was asking Ethan to draw a face he drew this…


… a circle for the face, two circles for eyes with pupils, a nose and a mouth!

What amazing progress, and his drawing of a face remains consistent. So proud of my little guy.

2 thoughts on “Drawing Faces”

  1. No wonder you’re proud that’s fab. Drawing a face requires not only motor skills but also great spatial awareness. Well done Ethan! Love Aqua Doodles, lots of fun and not the mess of painting. #SSAmazingAchievements

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