Ears, Eyes, Nose and Mouth – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

I remember when Ethan was two my mum asked me if Ethan knew where his eyes were, the answer was no.

I never really showed him stuff like this, I now know that this is because before then Ethan never really responded to questions we asked, and its human nature to back off when you are not getting the responses you expect.

At three it feels like something in Ethan switched on and he was ready to interact with us in this way. I also put this down to his time spent at nursery and the help he has had from our family support key worker.

My Mum and Dad take Ethan to nursery and, for the past few months, my mum has asked Ethan where his ears, eyes, nose and mouth are on the journey there. It has taken time, and lots and lots of repeating, but Ethan can now point to all of these features on his face and on our faces if asked.

We are now moving to hair, knees, hands, feet etc. It really does make a difference when your child gives you a response, any response, no matter how big or small. I’m not saying that Ethan didn’t give us any kind of feedback for the first three years of his life, he did, but now we have had this change in him you can really see a difference. A difference in both him and how we talk to him. We still have bad days, moments when Ethan just looks at you blankly and doesn’t respond to his name etc, but it’s all about those Small Steps, Amazing Achievements.



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