Eating Grapes – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

As you are aware form my Magic Moments Post Ethan has been eating grapes. This really is an amazing achievement for him and one that come about with the help of our Family Support Key Worker.

Ethan’s nursery had mentioned that he had been eating the snacks with the the other children and in passing they had said the word fruit. Well the only fruit I know that Ethan will eat is bananas and he only started to eat these because he saw grandad eating them. Our Family Support Key Worker requested that the nursery write in Ethan’s to and fro book what he eats as food is such an issue, and two weeks ago they had written that Ethan had eaten red grapes. I then asked how they were prepared as I know that they would have to look the same here as they are in nursery otherwise Ethan would push them away. They let me know that they cut them in half, our Family Support Key Worker had also mentioned that when she was visiting Ethan at nursery she saw him put a strawberry into his mouth. Armed with this information I added strawberries and red grapes to our shopping list. 

On the day our food was delivered I prepared Ethan the following snack…

…cut up banana (Ethan has only just started to eat it like this as he has now worked out the connection between a cut up banana and a whole banana!), strawberries and red grapes. 
Ethan looked in the bowl and pushed it away so I just placed it on the sofa and walked away. He then picked out and ate all of the banana pieces. I had also prepared myself a bowl of fruit as I’m desperately trying to lead by example, and Ethan took all of my pieces of banana. He tried one piece of strawberry but his face said it all, and we walked away from the bowl.   
I decided not to remove the fruit and just left the bowl where is was and decided not to offer anything else. Then to my absolute amazement, after about an hour, Ethan started to pick out and eat all of the red grapes. I didn’t make a big thing of it as I didn’t want to put him off.  
I’m pleased to say Ethan has now had this snack quite a few times at home. A very small step but one amazing achievement in our world of food. 

6 thoughts on “Eating Grapes – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. That is a very big achievement! I wish we could nudge Yon into eating ANY kind of fruit… We have reached 3 teaspoons of salads, and one grape. And it’s not going smoothly.
    Great post!

  2. That’s great. I think your method of just leaving him to it is definitely the right one, no matter how hard it is! Maybe he will start on the strawberries soon 🙂

  3. Yay! Our son never ate any fruit until going to nursery, I guess it was seeing the other children eat it at snack time. He now will pick his apple PECS to tell us he wants one.

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