One to One

Ethan has finally been awarded one to one support at nursery. This has been a long time coming. They have know since Ethan started nursery that he needed the extra support but they couldn’t apply for it until we had received his diagnosis. So it has taken just over five months for this to be approved. 

They had requested nine hours support a week but Ethan has only been awarded four of those hours. I was a little disappointed about this, but in hindsight I think it is enough time for Ethan at this stage in his education. This gives him time to ‘play’ with the other children and then just over an hour a day of one to one activities. By the time he gets home he is normally wiped out and just wants to relax. 

I am hoping this will be reviewed when he moves up to the bigger class in September but as with everything we have to have the wait and see attitude because I’m not in control of it. I also don’t want to think about the cuts the government are putting in place as I know this will impact everything we have to apply for in Ethan’s life. 

In the words of Dory Just keep swimming!’

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  1. sabrina montagnoli

    Getting support can be really difficult and I know so many families who struggle and have to put up a hard fight to get what their children need. I am glad your support is going in the positive direction and I can only hope this continues. Your wee man sounds like he is doing so well and I am sure with the right support he will reach the stars 🙂

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