Ethan and the Sea!

He Loves It, I Hate It!

Darren grew up in a costal town so the sea is a big part of his life. He grew up with summer holidays swimming in the sea and days by the coast. He loves the sea!
I grew up in a London borough we did school day trips to the sea side if we were lucky. I hate the sea… 
There are animals that live in the sea that don’t want us there so they bite us! That in itself is enough reason for me to keep out of the sea but I must admit for me to get a good photo of Ethan enjoying himself in the sea I have been known to be found knee deep in the water soaked through! 
So with Darren’s passion in mind and Ethan’s love of water we have tried to take him to see the sea whenever we can. 

Ethan’s Seaside Walks

We have taken Ethan for many walks along the seafront, he was just two weeks old the first time we took him. If I remember correctly he didn’t really see much of it as he slept all the way through our walk.  
Gradually with each trip we showed him the water and the sand. Ethan was ten months old in these photos. 



Ethan first walked holding our hands during one of our walks, he was 15 months old.
As with everything Ethan likes to do things when he is ready so it took a while for us to build up to paddling in the sea. We also had to wait for the right weather and a free day. I will blog about that adventure in another post. But as you can see from the photos Ethan enjoys his walks along the seafront and I must admit so do I! 



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