Ethan’s UnBirthday Cake – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Last week I shared with you how Ethan had surprised us and showed us that he can now blow out candles. So this weekend we celebrated with an UnBirthday cake, we even sang Happy Birthday to him for full effect.

UnBirthday Cake
UnBirthday Cake
UnBirthday Cake
Ethan did so well, he blew out all four candles by himself. We did film it but he was so excited he jumped around all over the place. 
I’m really looking forward to his fourth birthday cake now, we have quite a few months yet so we have lots of time to practise this new found skill. 

12 thoughts on “Ethan’s UnBirthday Cake – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. What a lovely idea! I’m sure he’ll look for excuses to blow out candles now. Sorry don’t have any posts suitable for SS Amazing Achievements right now, but will link up soon!

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