Five Months Old First Time Swimming

On Saturday we met up with friends. We normally go somewhere where the kids are entertained but because of Ethan’s uncertainty about soft play now we were unsure of what to do.

Being that Little E has now had all of her injections we talked about meeting up for swimming after Ethan’s swimming lesson. Unfortunately Ethan hasn’t been able to attend many of his swimming lessons this term due to high temperatures. So we had to confirm the day before.

In preparation we ordered a swimming suit for Little E, which we actually forgot to pick up on Friday whilst doing our weekly shop. This meant Darren had to run out again when the children had been put to bed.

With Ethan’s temperature OK and Little E’s swimsuit in possession we made our way to Ethan’s swimming lesson on Saturday morning ready to meet our friends.

The plan was to pay for my entrance before the lesson so I could take my time getting both me and Little E ready whilst Darren and Ethan were in the pool. It didn’t work out this way as I couldn’t pay for my swim until ten minutes before the pool officially opened.

So I got Little E ready and then ten minutes before the pool opening time we went back to the reception to pay for me. With my swim paid for I got ready to join the boys in the pool.

We had already decided that we would take Little E to the hot tub type area as it’s water is like a warm bath. Perfect for Little E, and Ethan always needs to be warmed up after his swimming lesson. 
I must admit I was worried how Little E would react to the swimming pool and the changing areas, as we would never have been able to take Ethan swimming this young. But she took everything in her stride. 
She was so relaxed about it all she actually fell asleep for half an hour in the pool. She turned into a real conversation starter! When she did decide to wake up Ethan loved having her in the pool with him, we made them bob up and down in the water together.  
The only time Little E cried was when we were under the shower and I accidentally got some of the water on her face. She also had a little moan about getting changed but that’s to be expected. 
I’m so happy it went so well as we are going to be ending Ethan’s swimming lessons this term, as he is getting physically too big to be in the mother and baby group anymore. Until he starts school we have decided to go as a family to work on his anxiety of other children. It’s nice to know Little E will enjoy going swimming too.

2 thoughts on “Five Months Old First Time Swimming”

  1. Wow I can’t believe she is 5 months already, and well done you for taking them both swimming, sounds like it went so well too, yay! 🙂

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