Paddling In The Sea

If you are a regular visitor to our blog you will know that a visit to the sea is quite a regular thing in our house, you will also know that I’m not a lover of the sea as detailed in this blog post.

We first took Ethan to paddle in the sea last July, it wasn’t the warmest day of our summer but Ethan really enjoyed himself.

We took him again in the August but this time we made him walk down to the sea in bare feet and he hated the feeling of the sand on his skin but having fun in the water soon made up for it.
We have never been fully prepared on our visits before and have never taken a swimming costume for Ethan to fully enjoy his time in the water so this year we vowed that our visits would be more organised! So with Darren having the week off and after a fantastic weekend of sunny weather we headed to the coast on Tuesday afternoon for our first paddling adventure of the year. 
As soon as we got out of the car Ethan erupted with noise as if he knew what we were coming to do and he was excited about it, I love it when he babbles and over the past week we really feel like it is becoming more regular. 
As soon as we got there Ethan ran into the sea but it was colder than we were all expecting so he run back out again right away. 
With his jacket back on and a little encouragement from daddy Ethan soon ventured soon back into the sea. 
When we arrived at the beach the tide was going out which left small pools of water, Ethan had lots of fun splashing in the water and even examining the rocks that Darren had pointed out to him.
I’m also pleased to say that Ethan didn’t have an issue with the sand this year and we were even on a part of the beach that had more stones than normal.
We had a lovely afternoon at the beach and because it was term time we had the whole place to ourselves which was fantastic.

5 thoughts on “Paddling In The Sea”

  1. sabrina montagnoli

    I’m so glad you had a good time! My wee man is not a fan of cold water either! The other thing of course with the sea is the motion but once he figured out the waves he was off! I love seeing Ethan in the puddles of water the tide left behind!

  2. How fantastic to have the beach to yourselves! Lovely photos of Ethan having a fun time playing in the sand and water, thanks for linking up your beach time fun to Country Kids.

  3. Lovely photos. Lovely to see him enjoying the beach so much.

    I really hope this year to take N to the beach. He’s not been yet properly (other than a very cold patch of sand with the sea miles away) and I hope he’d love it.

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