Hello, Yeah! – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

Ethan is fascinated with our phone. He knows that Daddy calls us on the mobile and we call Nanny from the house phone. We always have to have the phone on loudspeaker so he can hear who is talking, if this isn’t done my arm is practically pulled out of my socket until it is. 

At the weekend we had to buy new house phones as our old one decided it was time to stop working. It was something we needed to do really as we only had one handset. This was fine when we lived in the flat but it become a bit of a problem in the house. We would miss lots of calls because we couldn’t hear the handset. We are now proud owners of two handsets! 

This has sparked Ethan’s interest even more and he has been giving me the phone quite regularly to make calls. So I have been making pretend calls and over the past few days I have noticed something. 

I will say ‘Hello’ and then Ethan will say ‘Hello, Yeah’. This is something I must do when I talk on the phone so I think he is copying me. He doesn’t say Yeah in any other context, and it is only said in this way, but it is very funny to hear. 

I’m hoping the Yeah sticks around and we can move it onto other things. Only time will tell! 

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