Hey, Hey, Are you Ready To Play!

Considering our house has a young and very active little boy living there, there are days that it can be a very quiet place. There are times when not a word is spoken between us, and at times this is something that can make me feel very low. Feelings of guilt and that I’m not doing enough often creep in. Unfortunately this is something that goes hand in hand with our non-verbal autism journey.   

This doesn’t mean that we have no interaction with Ethan, we have some fantastic moments. Moments filled with lots of laughter and smiles, hopefully these moments will increase as Ethan gets older. 

Last week before swimming Ethan was playing games as I was trying to get him dressed. He was laying himself against my back as I tried with all my might to get him to stand in-front of me. The Tweenies was on the TV at the time and for some reason I decided to sing the theme tune, “Hey, Hey, Are you Ready To Play!” Ethan then sang back to me “Hey, Hey” and so I sang back to him “Hey, Hey, Are you Ready To Play!”. Again Ethan replied with “Hey, Hey”. We did this quite a few times and it easily lasted for five minutes, it was such a shame to end this interaction as I have no idea if and when it will happen again. 

One of those fantastic moments of connection that mean so much.  

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