Interacting With CBeebies – Small Steps Amazing Achievements

I have noticed that Ethan has started to interact with CBeebies, it’s only little movements but he is definitely responding and copying.

We have previously had Ethan jumping with Peppa Pig but we have now been getting waves of goodbye when programmes are coming to an end, and sometimes he will say ‘bye’. I also caught him touching his nose when they ask you to on Something Special, he also did this to the Tombliboos song. Ethan also did some groovy moves at the right time when Show Me, Show Me was on. I have only seen these once but it’s a start. 
Ethan has also become very obsessed with watching his Curious George DVD and he will shake his head and clap his hands when the characters do. 
I’m really hoping this copying and interacting continues as it really is a positive step. 

6 thoughts on “Interacting With CBeebies – Small Steps Amazing Achievements”

  1. That does sound very positive! And he must be really enjoying them too. I think it just shows how well thought out these programmes really are in the way they interact with and teach young children.
    I hope he keeps it up! 🙂

  2. That’s great! I think music and dancing always encourage children to open up. People might say TV is bad for them, but I think they can still learn so much from it. My toddler’s actually picked up quite a few words from Pocoyo!

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