It’s Been A While…

It’s the weekend and that means it’s time to link a post to Country Kids, a post that shares your outdoor adventures from the past week, and I’m sad to say that this week we had nothing to share. We have had brilliant sunny weather and we have hidden inside, this is because it has been so hot I wanted to keep Ethan as cool as possible and out of the sun trap that is our garden. 

By yesterday afternoon Ethan needed some space to let off some steam so we decided to get up early and head to the sea. The last time we took Ethan to the sea front was when Darren had some time off of work for Ethan’s birthday in May. 

When we arrived Ethan got very excited when he saw the sea, we did think that the tide was in which would have been a problem as we wouldn’t have been able to take Ethan into the water. Thankfully it was slowly coming in and we were able to find a little bit of sand for us to stand on. 

Ethan loved every minute of it and screamed with delight when he ran into the sea. He is also getting braver and at times went into the sea until it come up to his waist. I will let the photos show you all the fun he had, I think we can safely say he enjoyed himself. 

3 thoughts on “It’s Been A While…”

  1. Little Buzz is certainly having a fantastic time! It’s obvious that Ethan really enjoys water activities and it’s such a great way to cool down. I love the last photo of him with such a huge smile on his face, thanks for sharing with Country Kids.

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