Learning Emotions

Over the past few months Ethan has added a new word to his vocabulary. After years of not being able to tell us if he had enjoyed something he can now tell us that something is ‘fun’. I love hearing him use the word fun as we have spent so many years hoping that Ethan is enjoying the things that we take him to. The most recent thing that Ethan has told me is fun is Aldi, ‘Mummy it’s fun Aldi!’ A great thing to hear as Ethan could easily find a shopping trip an overwhelming experience.

Emotions and expressive emotions must be something that they are working on at school because Ethan has been drawing us some lovely faces and telling us if they are happy, upset or angry.


He is also showing us these faces by changing his facial expressions and he has a very cute angry face.

These new emotions have also been of help during meltdowns. Ethan has been able to tell me he is sad, and upset. He can’t yet tell me why he is sad and upset but its a start.

So something as simple as emotions is opening up Ethan’s world just that little bit more to us. To be told that Ethan has found something fun or even exciting is amazing for us.

Learning emotions has also meant that I’m starting to look forward to Christmas even more. We had to wait for Ethan to learn how to open gifts, this year we might just start to get the excitement building for the big day.



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